Truth Heals Trauma

09 Oct

Truth Heals Trauma

The concept ‘Truth Heals’ has always stuck with me since reading Deborah King's book many years ago.

I believe that if we can face the truth about ourselves then we can heal on many different levels.

It has taken me some time to face my truths. One thing that I’m sure about is that I’m not afraid of truth. I’m especially not afraid of my own truth.

The reason for which it has taken me so long to face my truths is that I thought people would find out about them, you know the truths about yourself that you believe are not so good, your shadow side as I like to call it. I was more afraid of what others may think of me rather than the truth itself. However, you don’t need to share your truth with others unless you want to. The main thing is that you can communicate with yourself and more importantly, forgive yourself for all that you have gone through. After all, everything you have experienced was meant to be, in one way or another it was part of your evolution.

For me, life has not been a bed of roses. I have endured abuse (both during childhood and adulthood), bullying, being put down in front of others and made to feel so small, arguments, violence, dishonesty and betrayal from others (so many times I’ve lost count), accidents, operations, loss of loved ones. The list goes on.

What does that all add up to? Psychological/emotional TRAUMA!

According to Wikipedia ‘psychological trauma is damage to the mind that occurs as a result of a distressing event. It is often the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds one’s ability to cope, or integrate the emotions involved with the experience’.

Trauma from a single distressing experience is one thing, but multiple trauma occurring over weeks, months or even years can escalate leading to serious negative health issues, both mentally and physically.

What was I afraid of people knowing? Not the events that have taken place but how I dealt with them, how they have affected me over the years. I feel like I have been running, constantly looking for safety. Running from my fears, my mistakes, my truths.

The result of trying to cope with trauma could bring an increase in anxiety, depression, addiction to alcohol or drugs, eating disorders, promiscuity. All of which can then bring you to hate yourself and your actions, and yet you continue to drown out the truth in any way you can. Or at least I did!

I know my truth! I know what caused my traumas and I know what I did to drown them out. That’s the bit I am ashamed to talk about. I did things that were not good. I allowed further abuse of my body and mind to take place thinking that it was what I deserved. I believe that I self-sabotaged relationships, careers, opportunities and my body.

I felt I was not good enough, I was broken, I was unclean......THE FACT IS, I am none of those things. I was just hurting, scared, confused, spending years being tortured by my own thoughts and fears.

I’ve worked hard to face my truth and heal my heart and mind (more on how I achieved this in future posts). I am not perfect, but I am beautiful inside and out. 

Sure, I still get it wrong sometimes as that is part of being human and I still have lessons to learn and a journey to go on.

My biggest passion in life is that of TRUTH & HONESTY. With this I can become my true authentic self.

Much love Maria x

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