My Healing Journey - Part 2 (Spiritual Development)

06 Nov

My healing Journey – Part 2

Spiritual Development

I know that many people won’t be interested in this blog or see it as a healing modality. Some may even call it “Woo Woo”, but for me, finding my spiritual connection to my guides, angels and loved ones has been an amazing part of my healing process.

I had always been looking for something, even at a young age. I went to every different Sunday School and Church in my hometown of Tenterden. Yet I did not feel comfortable at any of them, still feeling as if something was missing. At the time I was too young to know about the Spiritual Church, and when I did eventually discover it, I was too scared to go along, not knowing what to expect.

So, my spiritual journey didn’t start until much later in life. Doing a Reiki 1 course in June 2013 definitely kick-started the process. From here I went on to join a drumming circle. For me sitting with a group of people beating out the same drum rhythm is a great way to relax and go within to connect to your body and send it healing. Drumming is very uplifting, and my energy vibration heightened.  I got lost in the rhythm and found myself visualising many different scenes. Past, present and maybe even scenes from my future.

I started to meditate alone and within a circle of like-minded people. Some of my most powerful meditations happened when I was sitting under a copper pyramid. The energy was amazing. I soon plucked up the courage to finally attend my first spiritual centre. I was fascinated by the medium and the messages of love and comfort that they brought through to those in need. A lot of people believe that psychic mediums prey on the vulnerability of those who are grieving for their lost loved ones (and I have no doubt that there are some people out there that do just that), however for those who truly work in the light of love, they can give people messages of hope and this helps them to deal with and accept the loss they have experienced.

Around this time, I started to connect and work with my Angel cards. I had used them on myself but now began to do intuitive readings for family and friends. This encouraged me to have my own card reading by a professional psychic medium. It was a very emotional experience as my dad had been waiting in spirit for years to come through and give me a message. It really helped me to have a better understanding of his actions towards me when I was a child and he apologised to me which was incredibly healing.

This reading really opened the door for me to start developing my own connection to my higher self and those in the spirit realm. Over the years I have been truly blessed by many tutors who have shared their knowledge in this field and given me the training needed to go on to do my own readings and become a psychic medium in my own right. They have supported me in establishing a strong connection to my spirit guides who I work with. The messages I bring through for others are always based on advice and guidance.  A few years ago I came to a fascinating realisation….. I have always been working with my guides! I was the one people came to for advice and guidance, especially during my years at senior school. All the words of guidance would be coming out of my mouth but so often I would say “Well I don’t know where that came from”. Well, now I know lol.

I have sat in numerous psychic development circles, attended many spiritual churches and centres, been on spiritual retreats meeting amazing like-minded people. I have learnt so much from others and about myself. People have come into my life and many of them have now gone, just passing through to help me in my learning. I thank you all. It can be a very emotional process when healing on a spiritual level and I have cried many tears. I believe that this is my way of releasing the negative energies from my body that I hold onto. I have made many friends along the way and I am grateful for all the love and support I have received.

Sometimes life can get in the way of my spiritual journey and I need to bring myself back onto this path. Without it, I definitely find life a struggle as my vibrational frequency lowers and I’m more susceptible to drama around me. With my Angels, guides and loved ones working beside me I have healed on many spiritual levels from past and present trauma. It’s not for everyone put it is a part of me and my healing. Now I have the honour of helping others to self-heal through the different types of healing therapies and readings that I offer. I have facilitated my own psychic development, meditation and drumming circles as well as different workshops. I enjoy giving Angel and Oracle card readings, Charm Readings, Crystal Readings and amazing Soul Plan Readings.

For more details on these please get in touch, it will be great to hear from you. Love and Light Maria.

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