My Healing Journey - Part 1 (Reiki)

24 Oct

My Healing Journey – Part 1

I believe that when we go on our healing journey is takes many forms and can be quite a long process. My next few blogs will contain information on different forms of healing modalities that I have found useful and my personal experience of them.

Reiki level one. – My personal experience 5th June 2013.

Well what can I say apart from WOW!

I feel that if everyone completed a level one Reiki course then the world would be a better place. Level one is all about self-healing and with-it self-awareness. When you become more aware of yourself on the inside, your thoughts, your emotions, your physical body, then you can understand and recognise at a deeper level the parts of you that need to heal.

For some people being attuned (as it’s called) to level 1 Reiki can be quite a spiritual experience and I was no exception. If I am correct, then the actual attunement process should be the same whichever Reiki Master/teacher you decide to train with. There are legal standards in place and this process should only be carried out by a well-trained Masters. However, provided the main sections of the course are covered, each individual Reiki Master can put their own spin on it. I was very fortunate to have met a beautiful Earth Angel by the name of Lynne, who not only became my friend but also my Reiki Master and mentor.

Over the next 20 minutes we completed a visualisation Meditation. I was very new to this kind of thing and not used to quietening my mind down or visualising much. However, in my mind’s eye I started to see lots of beautiful colours which was exciting. We were taken through a garden and I sat between the roots of a large tree so I could lean against it and become one with its energies. Though I could not see any of this, I just knew that it was there. I felt the tree was supporting me on an emotional level. I felt the presence of my nan coming towards me. She presented me with a gift, though I didn’t know what it was, just that it was being offered, so I accepted it. Saying goodbye, I told her I loved her and hoped to be in contact again soon. When leaving the garden, I felt a warmth in my heart as if locking away a secret.  What a beautiful relaxing experience this was.

Then I got to choose 2 Angel cards for a message and guidance.

Next the attunemnet itself. Sitting comfortably with my feet firmly placed flat on the floor I gently closed my eyes. When Lynne first laid her hands on my shoulders, I began to feel a warmth running through them. I felt them relax as if a great weight had been lifted from them. There was a feeling of energies pulling up my head and my back straightened so I was sitting tall. My head felt heavy and pulsating as if it was going to explode. I also felt as if my legs were going to give way beneath me, even though they were still on the ground. I experienced tingling sensations in my back and over my face. In my mind’s eye I clearly saw a baby in the womb with its hands locked together. (I know right…. amazing for someone who doesn’t visualise much). I didn’t know if it was me seeing my daughter’s unborn child, or whether it represented a new beginning for me.

When the process was complete and I began to open my eyes, I was overwhelmed by the experience and quite emotional. It was indeed truly magical.

After the initial attunement, this is followed by 21 days self-healing. Everyday I did a healing session on myself (sometimes more than once). I followed the process that I had been taught by Lynne. Sometimes I was so relaxed that I would fall asleep. It was a miracle that I didn’t fall off my treatment bed lol. Countless things happened during these first healing sessions. I felt many sensations on my body, heat, tingling, itching, cold, relaxing, fidgeting, flatulence (oh yeah lol) and even sensations of needing to use the toilet. I guess that was all to do with the releasing of negative energies.

You get time to think and process matters. I thought about my life, especially the past. I was able to recognise where I had laid blame at other people’s feet. I began forgiving them for any wrongdoing I felt they had done to me and I started to take full responsibility for what had gone on throughout my life.

I went through an array of emotions: anger, sadness, loneliness, guilt, fear, joy, disgust, panic, excitement, love, embarrassment, insecurity, resentment, hate, bitterness, compassion, confusion, empathy, jealousy, envy, shame, remorse, self-pity. This is all part of the emotional and mental purification that was going on inside my mind, body and soul. I laughed, I cried (so very much), but most of all I became stronger.

As I read back over my Reiki diary, I’m truly amazed as to all the material that surfaced during this time and the realisations that came with it. I became a calmer person, not allowing other people’s negative energies to impact on me so much. I was happier and more content. People kept saying how well I looked. I also discovered that my true calling has, and will always be to help others. To help them to learn how to heal themselves from the inside out. The best way to do this is by example. This was just the start of my healing journey, one that is still going on even now after six years.

I have found that we often require healing for the same issue over and over but on different levels, mentally, emotionally, physically. Take my childhood abuse…. It has surfaced for healing on so many occasions that I have lost count of the times I have worked with it. I think I’m done with it but who knows what the future holds. Referring to my first post…. Truth really does heal.

I highly recommend Reiki level 1 for self-healing and level 2 & 3 if you want to go on to be a Reiki Practitioner. If you would like to experience a Reiki session or to find out more about Reiki courses, then please get in touch. If I can’t help you personally then I can steer you in the right direction. Much love Maria x

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