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The Control System

With having several years experience working as a holistic therapist, I have seen my fair share of clients wanting to make a positive change in their lives. There are many different therapies available today but when I came across 'The Control System' I was simply blown away.

It makes such sense that sometimes we need help to change negative feelings, thoughts or behaviour patterns. For example, addictions, lack of confidence and self-worth, overly stressed and anxious, fears and phobias, to name but a few. Our conscious mind may be willing for these changes to take place, but our subconscious mind has other ideas.

A method that utilises hypnosis techniques to get rapid results when working on changing negative thoughts, feelings or behaviours. Without needing to incorporate the trance process used in more traditional hypnotherapy treatments, your are fully awake, fully aware and a big part of the process. Using 'The Control System' I can speak directly to your subconscious mind and put in place a  new strategy for your best happiness.

I have made some fantastic changes to my life using this system, but the most powerful came when I was released from years of having chronic fatigue. I feel free, empowered and once again in control of me!

Are you ready to TAKE CONTROL?

Maria Salvadore - Control Practitioner
The Control System The Control System

What People Say

Testimonial for Maria Salvadore I went to see Maria for a personal problem that has affected me for more than 30 years. She was very empathic and also straight forward, and dealt with the problem directly. I felt very safe and trusted her practical approach. Her efficient technique and use of words has miraculously, changed my life beyond measure. I simply cannot believe that I am relieved of this chronic condition I have lived with for so long. I highly recommend Maria as a practitioner in the East Kent area, and will be referring some of my clients to her. Thank you Maria!"


I came to Maria with an open mind to learn and experience a different way of dealing with stress and anxiety. The whole precess from the initial consultation was clear and simple to follow and Maria made me feel safe. The result from this has been phenominal and I feel that I have gained so much and would like to express my gratitude for all that Maria has done."

SHPrivate Secretaty

I want to thank Maria for helping me get through some steps in my life that I had tried to change for a long time. At the first session I was very nervous as I wasn't sure what to expect. By the end I was feeling happy but still apprehensive as to whether the process would work. As the weeks went on (we had sto spread out my sessions as I was on holiday) I didn't think much had happened until I had my next session. During the session it came to light that I had managed to achieve my goals. I had done things that I wouldn't of done in the past, and I became much more assertive. I feel a more positive person and feel I am able to now be heard and don't feel the need to be hidden. Thank you again for helping me change my life for the positive."

Kirsty HansonShop Supervisor

I approached Maria because I felt I needed to change a couple of behaviours that I have towards injustice and accusations from a loved one. I was hurting myself but also being quite sharp towards a loved one, even though I love the person so much. Learning about my behaviour and how I react has helped my body and mind to relax. Not internalising and blaming myself all the time. I loved working with my crew and the amazing awareness they and the System of Control showed me regarding reactions to situations. Thank you, Maria, for your wisdom and guidance and your professionalism in this fantastic new way of working and dealing with things. Fabulous."

SPProfessional Artist

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